Red Sox Nation Suffers Crushing Loss To Cap Off Season Full Of Crushing Losses

  • Dan Fogarty

Boston’s offseason of upheaval continues. Red Sox in-game reporter and very attractive person Heidi Watney will no longer be doing Sawx telecasts for NESN, and as the Boston Herald points out, Watney joins Theo Epstein, Terry Francona, Jonathan Papelbon, “probably Jason Varitek , and possibly Big Papi” as former members of the Nation who won’t be around on Opening Day 2012.

Watney, a former Miss San Diego and four-time Miss California contestant, has two internetty claims to fame. Once, she was reportedly berated by Bill Murray after interrupting him on the golf course (“These blondes think they own the world!”), and in April, she memorably had trouble while trying out the food at Progressive Field. By “trouble” we mean “she almost threw up on TV.”

In any event, Ms. Watney won’t be working at Yawkey Way anymore. But fear not, fans of money-printing sports franchises: her new gig is with the Lakers. Yes, after “mutually parting ways” with NESN, sources say Watney signed with Time Warner Cable’s California outfit, where her main duty will be sideline reporter-ing at the Staples Center.

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