Red Sox Pitcher Rick Porcello Thought Tim Tebow Was The Ball Boy

  • Rick Chandler


Tim Tebow made his Grapefruit League debut today for the Mets against the Red Sox in less than glorious fashion — he warmed up for his first at-bat in the wrong on deck circle.

Tebow played DH in a split squad game with Boston, and went 0-for-3 in four at bats. First, against Porcello, he was called out on strikes on four pitches. Then he grounded into a double play that drove in a run. He struck out swinging, and in his final at-bat he was hit by a pitch, then was doubled off of first on a line drive in what witneses called “a baserunning gaffe.”

Tebow is expected to play again on Friday, and Terry Collins may play him in the outfield.

In his first at-bat, Tebow was called out on a pitch he considered to be too low — and said something to the home plate ump as he left.

Red Sox manager John Farrell:

“I watched him take a round or two of [batting practice],” Farrell said. “In BP, he shows plenty of power. I don’t know what it plays like at game speed.

“It says he’s not afraid of failure and I think that’s great for any athlete,” Farrell said. “Athletes are all going to become vulnerable at some point. And for a guy who’s been so high-profile in another sport [to] say, ‘You know what? I’m willing to take a run at this,’ I think is a pretty cool thing.”

On the other hand, there are some who say that Tebow had his time in the athletic limelight, so why should he take a spot from a young athlete who may want to experience this?

Tim Tebow is 29. Haven’t we all had enough? He’s not even selling tickets anymore — there is absolutely no reason for this.