Reds Fan Talks About Getting Shoved By A Cardinals Player After Snagging His Foul Ball

  • Eric Goldschein

Cincinnati Reds fan Chris Smith is one of the few people who can add “Was shoved by professional baseball player during a game, in full view of the stadium and television cameras, for no real reason” to his resume. Which, as everyone knows, is more important than work experience.

During yesterday’s Reds-Cardinals game, Cards’ first baseman Matt Adams attempted to make a play on a foul ball, but Smith got to it first. The aftermath was awkward and ugly:

Well, that seemed entirely unnecessary — on Adams’ part. Smith, who did not lean over the railing or interfere in the field of play, seemed well within his rights to toss Adams the bird.

A reporter spoke to Adams after the game:

Upon repeated viewings of this video (hooray, Vine), it’s hard to see what Adams is talking about in regards to “trying to keep from going into the stands.” On the other hand, I’m sure he didn’t know this guy had a knee injury.

This is the closest baseball will ever get to the Malice at the Palace.