Rob Parker Stands Firmly Next To Mitch Albom Yelling At Stat Geeks About The AL MVP

  • Dylan Murphy

Mitch Albom isn’t the only one ranting against “stat geeks” these days. ESPN New York columnist Rob Parker has joined his ranks through Twitter, claiming this day a victory for “real baseball fans” because Miguel Cabrera won the AL MVP. Though most of the tweeting comes via retweets of those in agreement, Parker does drop a few gems, such as:

Just check out his Twitter feed over the last 24 hours for the full-on blast of stupid, as Parker scoffs at the those justifiably calling him a moron. What Parker, Albom and the rest of these stat-rejectors fail to realize is that statistics and watching baseball aren’t mutually exclusive – advanced modeling of on-field performance should only enhance the viewing experience, not take away from it. You can appreciate the beauty of the game, the smell of the ballpark and all those cliches while understanding what WAR means.

But Albom, Parker and company will continue to be combative in a battle that doesn’t actually exist, so we’ll continue to mock them with our interwebs reading material.

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