Robin Yount Shot Cubs Manager Dale Sveum On A Hunting Trip

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

The MLB’s winter meetings hit their stride Wednesday afternoon, with players on the move all over the place. But while agents, general managers, managers, and press were all talking each others’ ears off in Nashville, Chicago Cubs Manager Dale Sveum shared a story about how he actually lost part of his after Hall of Famer Robin Yount sort of shot part of it off during a quail hunting trip in Arizona.

Yount isn’t exactly Dick Cheney reincarnate (let’s face it, Cheney wasn’t nearly as good a baseball player), but he did accidentally shoot a guy on a hunting trip, inextricably bonding them for all eternity. According to Sveum, Yount was lining up a shot, of which Sveum was in line with, though on a hill where Yount couldn’t see. According to Sveum, it was a decision Yount immediately came to regret:

“He pulled the trigger and was like, ‘Uh, oh.’ “

Fortunately, nothing really happened to Sveum. He wasn’t hit by a bullet directly, but rather shrapnel that sprayed from a six-shot that basically just grazed his ear. Apparently there was “plenty of blood,” though it wasn’t enough to force Sveum to get stitches, because, come on bro, it happens all the time:

“We do it all the time,” Sveum said. “Not that close all the time, but we do get BB’s fall on us.”

That happens all the time? Why do you keep hunting with Robin Yount if there’s at least, like, a 50/50 chance the guy’s gonna shoot you in the ear? Actually, that seems pretty badass — hunting on the edge, where you are the hunter and hunted. Not my cup of tea, but sounds kind of fun if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. Which maybe Matt Schaub is, since he’s been through that whole losing an ear thing before.

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