Report: Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, And Ryan Braun Might Face 50-Game PED-Related Suspensions This Season

  • SportsGrid Staff

Consider this the bombshell before the bombshell, should this prophecy eventually come true. Joe Bisceglie from Dog And Pony Show tweeted Monday afternoon that four of baseball’s biggest bats, including three New York Yankees and two formerly implicated players, will each be slapped with 50-game first-offense PED suspensions. They are, of course, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, and Ryan Braun.

You’d be inclined to be skeptical, and for fair reason — Bisceglie doesn’t name his source. This kind of story is explosive, and deserves tender care before people start going on witch hunts and throwing names out there with no rationale. But consider this: Bisceglie correctly prognosticated that Melky Cabrera would be suspended last season for a failed PED test almost a month before his suspension came.

That tweet was from July 18; the suspension came on Aug. 15. Bisceglie was understandably sour about the haters (can’t get no respect with no sources, dude), but to his credit, he’s been right about this thing before, the Nostra Damus of steroids, if you will.

Now, we can’t do much with this information right now, but just remember you heard about it, and to not be surprised if and when these players are suspended. And if it’s true, it is going to be a big bruise on the game, one we really felt in our heart of hearts hadn’t gone away when the Bondses, Clemenses, and McGwires retired. The Steroid Era reincarnate? Maybe. Just maybe.

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