Did Ron Washington Drop An F-Bomb On TV Here?

  • Glenn Davis

Rangers manager Ron Washington likes to curse. Maybe even as much as he likes to dance. The love of a good swear, of course, makes him no different from many, many coaches and managers out there, but it does mean that when something even the slightest bit controversial happens during game, even a game his Rangers are winning, he is maybe not the best person to cut to for a reaction shot. After one close call last night, Washington wasn’t happy, and said something that sounded like… well, watch this one with headphones in:

And this wasn’t the only time ESPN’s mics got Washington apparently saying things you don’t normally hear on television, so either ESPN was slow to learn its lesson, or just stopped caring. If it’s the latter, speaking only for ourselves, we at SportsGrid are fine with it and fully endorse televising as much of Washington’s (possible) cursing as possible. We’re just not sure everyone else will be as forgiving.

Video by CJ Fogler.