So, We Found Out How Steve Phillips’ Marriage Is Going On Howard Stern’s Show

  • Dan Fogarty

Last week, Sirius XM radio host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo appeared on the Howard Stern show.

Russo, for those unfamiliar with him, made his name by co-hosting Mike and the Mad Dog from 1989-2008. Mike and the Mad Dog was arguably the most influential sports radio program of all time, and he and his longtime co-host, Mike Francesa, were the first nationally recognized sports radio duo in the country. After splitting with Francesa in ’08, Russo was paid a lot of money by Sirius to start his own channel. Yesterday, as he does from time to time, he appeared on Stern’s Sirius show to promote this channel.

The whole spot is worth a listen, and the first few minutes of this clip provide one of the funnier Mike Francesa stories we’ve ever heard. But, as per usual with Howard Stern, the real meat of the interview were the parts that revolved around sex.

Russo, you see, recently hired former Mets general manager and ESPN personality Steve Phillips to work for “Mad Dog Radio.” Phillips, as you may recall, has a bit of a controversial past: he faced sexual harassment allegations while with the Mets, and was dismissed from ESPN after it was revealed that he had had an affair with one of his interns.

Naturally, Russo’s new employee was something that Stern wanted to talk about. And talk about him they did: about Phillips’ marriage, about the ESPN allegations, about his stint in sex rehab. It was actually kind of shocking how forthright Russo was about his new hire, and we’re wondering how Phillips feels about the interview right about now. Here it is, broken up into three parts.

Part 1: On Phillips’ ESPN allegations, and the state of his marriage. Takeaway: Steve Phillips isn’t the worst guy!

Part 2: Phillips’ job interview took place in a diner, and he and Russo talked about his stint in sex rehab. Takeaway: Steve Phillips didn’t hit on the waitress!

Part 3: More on Phillips’ marriage. Takeaway: it’s not going well.

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