Reports Say Ryan Braun Is MLB’s “Public Enemy No. 1,” MLB Predictably Denies This

  • Matt Rudnitsky

After years of ignorance, MLB is actually trying to fight steroid use. They’ve instituted better testing, and they’re out to get you dirty cheaters that are ruining the INTEGRITY OF OUR NATIONAL PASTIME. Bud Selig won’t stand for inflated statistics and unjust home run records, guys. They’re out for the biggest stars, because nobody is safe. If you are good, you have a target on your back. Only Chone Figgins is safe. Reportedly, they’re going hard after legendary Jew/MVP/suspension-appeal-winner Ryan Braun.

The league’s handling of the Biogenesis scandal threatens to undo many of those gains, particularly amid the growing perception that it is selectively targeting Ryan Braun, the biggest name to surface via the Miami New Times report aside from that of Alex Rodriguez. Earlier this week, ESPN’s T.J. Quinn — one of the top investigative reporters covering the PED beat — tweeted that the league has “A-Rod and Braun strongly in their sights” when it comes to meting out punishment even in the absence of a positive test, and on Wednesday, USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale wrote that Braun “happens to be MLB’s Public Enemy No.1.”

Nightengale said that MLB officials will be “relentless in their pursuit, trying to make life as miserable as possible” for Braun. Quinn’s tweet is less inflammatory, though.

So, that doesn’t really suggest they’re unfairly targeting Braun, just that they are targeting him. Obviously, MLB denies any unfair treatment.

“Everyone whose name has surfaced surrounding the Miami New Times story and Biogenesis is being investigated with equal vigor,” Manfred said in a statement to the Journal Sentinel.

I’m not sure if they’re actually going harder after Braun to appear HARD, or they are just going equally hard after everyone.

There are two universes right now. In one, innocent Ryan Braun is smashing his TV with his Louisville slugger. In another, he’s searching on Craigslist for clean urine. Your move, Bud Selig.