Sammy Sosa’s Flickr Account Is Even Better Than His Now-Infamous Pinterest

  • Glenn Davis

Last night, ESPN Chicago’s Jon Greenberg drew some attention to Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest account. Now, while even the phrase “Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest account” might sound odd to you (if you even know what Pinterest is – for the uninitiated, it’s a photo-sharing site created in the style of a digital pinboard), there’s nothing really exceptional about him having a Pinterest page. Plenty of well-known people maintain active social media presences, after all. Why, even we at SportsGrid have a Pinterest page, which you can check out here if you’re so inclined.

No, what makes Sosa’s Pinterest page so noteworthy is what’s on it – namely, photos of Sosa in various entertaining poses, be they in blue suits or yellow sweaters, all with the same caption: “Sammy Sosa. Yes, I’m the real Sammy Sosa, and this is my Pinterest.” It has both a surreal and hypnotic quality to it – and yes, it’s the real deal.

Well, we’ve got some good news for you: the fun doesn’t end there. You see, if you click on the photos on Sosa’s Pinterest page, you’ll find the source from which they originated is a Flickr account under the same name (the not-exactly-catchy “SammySosaTheRealMr609”). And folks, this Flickr account is even better than the Pinterest page. It doesn’t just have more office poses – it’s got photos of Sosa in meetings. It’s got photos of people who aren’t Sosa (though those photos are still captioned “Sammy Sosa”). It’s got photos that aren’t of people at all (though they, too, are captioned “Sammy Sosa”).

We suggest clicking through yourself, but if that’s not an option for whatever reason, we’re presenting some of our favorite pieces of Sammy Sosa’s Flickr account. Enjoy these slices from the life of Sammy Sosa. Yes, he’s the real Sammy Sosa. Photos by Fabiano Silva Photography:


The marketing manager for Sosa’s company, Rebecca Polihronis, told RedEye Chicago, “We’re learning social media, we’re not pros at it yet, but we’re working on it.” Judging by the amount of attention Sosa’s attracted via social media today, they might already be better at it than she thinks.