San Francisco Giants Fans Are The ‘Most Engaged’ Baseball Fans, According To BS Report

  • Eric Goldschein

san francisco giants fans has put out another ranking of “the most engaged fans,” this time for the MLB. Most recently, we reviewed their rankings of the most engaged fans in college football, and found their metrics to be lacking. The same holds true here.

According to their study, San Francisco Giants fans are the most engaged. They received a perfect score of 100.00 (though I think this is graded on a curve), thanks in part to ranking first in “Highest Percent of Stadium Full (Capacity)” at 99.4 percent. The full metrics list and their weight:

-Average total attendance, all games (5)
-Average home attendance (10)
-Average home game ticket price (10)
-Percentage of stadium capacity filled at home games (10)
-Facebook likes & Facebook “talking about” (6)
-Twitter following (3)

The Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers and Red Sox round out the top five. Meanwhile, the Marlins appear to have the league’s worst fans. Numbers 29-25 are the Indians, Rays, Astros and Royals.

I don’t want to take too much away from Giants fans, because a 99.4 percent capacity rate is impressive and they seem pretty hardcore. But they’ve also won two of the last three World Series titles. Of course people are going to want to go to those games. By contrast, it’s tough to be an engaged Marlins fan, even if you wanted to be.

There are some teams in the middle of the pack who are known to have great fans. The Pirates (22) are a good example. Pittsburgh is a great sports town (ever been to Heinz Field on a Sunday in December?) but the Pirates have been sub-.500 for two decades. What right would the team have to charge a lot of money for tickets — a metric which counts as much as average home attendance? And in terms of Facebook likes and Twitter follows, how can teams like the Royals and Brewers compete on a sheer numbers level with the teams in major cities?

Those top five teams all have great fan bases. But, even speaking as a Yankees fan, I’m not going to sit here and say that Yankees fans love their team more than Mets fans. Those morons people must really love their team.

We hope a more accurate system of metrics can be devised soon, lest we go another year not knowing which team truly has the most “engaged” fan base. Should we just count up the number of fans set to get married soon and call it good?

[BI Sports]

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