Astros Outfielder Had “Marijuana Peanut Butter Cups” On Him When He Was Arrested For Felony Weed Possession

  • Dan Fogarty

Houston Astros center fielder Jordan Schafer was arrested on Tuesday morning in Tampa, and charged with one count felony possession of marijuana, after cops found nearly 26 grams of weed in his car. They would also find a joint (it wasn’t tough, since Schafer was holding it in his hand) and marijuana peanut butter cups…



Marijuana peanut butter cups?

I know the main news here is that Schafer, a young MLB outfielder, now has a felony drug charge pending that might seriously hinder his career. But.

I was not aware that marijuana peanut butter cups was a thing. I mean, I guess I knew that, technically, you could put weed into almost anything — brownies, cookies, butter, even — but this unique combination of marijuana and peanut butter and chocolate is quite possibly the stoniest snacked treat that I’ve ever heard of.

No word on whether Schafer imbibed before the Bucs tailgate, which he tweeted about earlier in the night.

In slightly more serious news, Schafer was released at 5:15 a.m. on $2,000 bond. The Astros have not yet commented on the arrest.