Sergio Romo Leads The Giants In Postseason Photobombs

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Not only has Sergio Romo filled in as part-time closer for the San Francisco Giants in Brian Wilson’s absence, he’s assumed the job of full-time prankster, too. Romo has spent so much time photobombing dugout interviews over the first two games of the NLCS, we just have to ask, is this guy sure his team is like, playing meaningful playoff games deep into October? You know what, don’t even care.

The first offense came before Game 1, while Erin Andrews was making her MLB on Fox debut. Andrews was just minding her own business, talking about baseball, you know, the usual, when all of a sudden — POW! A wild Sergio Romo appears!

Erin promised to exact her revenge.

Not sure if Erin got her revenge or not, but you can bet Romo would be at it again tonight for Game 2. And with his Giants laying the smackdown on the Redbirds, why not have a little fun? This time, it came at the expense of an unsuspecting Matt Cain. There Cain is, just having an intimate chat with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, when all of a sudden — POW! A wild Sergio Romo appears! Again!

Sergio came out tonight equipped with bunny ears and definite sense of stealth on this evening. Banter ensued between Buck and Cain about Romo, who said “He’s like a weird dog. If you ignore him, he’ll go away.” Looks like we’ll have at least three more games to not ignore Romo.

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