The Phillies’ Shane Victorino Blessed Us With One Of Baseball’s Best Bloopers In Memory

  • Glenn Davis

A close playoff baseball game as tension-filled as anything in sports. Suddenly the breaks and pauses that move us to create running gags like “Baseball is a Slow Game” become almost unbearably filled with anticipation and/or nervousness at what might happen. There are some things, though, that can break through the drama and leave onlookers in hysterics. One: wayward squirrels. Another: this.

Yes, Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino had some trouble with that ball, it led to a Cardinals run, and the delight (from everyone other than Phillies fans) was palpable. Because if the game keeps on going like it’s going at the time of this writing – the Cardinals leading by a single run – Victorino’s pratfall will be a critical moment in the game, and any comedic value will be of little consolation to Phillies backers. But come on, even they’d have to admit that was funny.

[h/t @dhm on the gif]