SLIDESHOW: Rangers SS Elvis Andrus Just Bought Daryl ‘Moose’ Johnston’s Old Dallas-Area Mansion For $3.7 Million

  • Jake O'Donnell

When the Texas Rangers signed the 25-year-old Andrus to a $120 million contract extension last April, they knew they wouldn’t be paying for it. That’s because they’ve got the best prospect in baseball, Jurickson Profar, waiting in the wings to take over at Andrus’ position when he’s eventually dealt for a starting pitcher. Andrus probably knows this, which is why he went with a modestly priced 7,364-square-foot place in the super upscale Hillcrest Estates neighborhood in Dallas. We say “modestly priced” because his new digs was only $3.7 million, which works out to about $500 per-square-foot.

Ya, we know that’s a lot, but he’s getting a ton of money over the next 10 years. Starting in 2015, he’ll enjoy an uninterrupted eight-year stretch where he makes $15 million per year, so he could’ve totally splurged on something ridiculous like Michael Jordan’s mansion. Plus this five bedroom palace got a serious reduction from it’s previous listing price.’s Neal J. Leitereg explains:

“The home originally came to market in June for nearly $4 million before seeing a $300,000 price chop a month later. In a matter unrelated to both Johnston and Andrus, the home was raided in August by the FBI because its then-owner, a failed Internet entrepreneur, was reportedly being sought out by a long list of creditors.”

Once that extension kicks in and he’s relocated to Detroit, he can blow an entire paycheck on something with a view and an indoor golf course. By then the discounted price he got on this chalet-looking monstrosity won’t matter much. (Though there isn’t exactly a shortage of bargain basement mansions in Detroit — we’re confident he’ll be just fine either way.)

Or he could just keep the place, which makes sense if he ends up in New York or California:


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