Snoop Dogg Threw Out The First Pitch In Chicago, And It Was A Little… You Know

  • Eric Goldschein

The White Sox were graced by the presence of the Doggfather, Snoop Scorcese, the D-O-double-gizzle, etc., today, when the rapper threw out the first pitch. And considering all the bad ceremonial first pitches we’ve seen lately, this one was pretty good. But it was up in the strike zone. It was near the letters. It was not a strike, by virtue of it being above the strike zone.

ALRIGHT, FINE. It was high, okay? That pitch, thrown by Snoop Dogg, was high. I didn’t want to say it, but I said it. Hey, at least it didn’t suck.

Also, isn’t it amazing how Snoop has managed to hold on to his street cred while simultaneously becoming a respected mainstream public figure? I mean, who can resist giving Snoop a dap? Doesn’t matter if you’re a hip-hop fan or not — when you see Snoop coming your way, you want to give him love. And he didn’t even have to play a cop on TV, like Ice T, to do it. Props, Doggfather.