Some Hoser At The Blue Jays Game Caught Hunter Pence’s Bat Right Of Out Of The Air

  • Rick Chandler

It happened at the Rogers Centre on Tuesday night as the Giants’ Hunter Pence was facing knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, and there’s a recipe for disaster right there. The wild-swinging Pence lost his bat, which went rifling into the stands — a scary moment to be sure. But this dude calmly reaches up and snags the wood out of the air, then holding it up like a trophy. Beauty, eh.

Don’t mess with Canadians, especially when they’re drinking. Which they always are.

A fan catches a bat lost by Giants Hunter Pence.

The Blue Jays won 10-6, sweeping the two-game series. Do they let you keep bats that fly into the stands? I hope so — dude deserves it.