Sorry, Matt Harvey: New Yorkers Still Want To Bone Derek Jeter More Than You

  • Eric Goldschein

derek jeter

The New York Post released the results of its “Sex Survey” Tuesday morning, because New York City commuters were wondering how often their peers watch pornography, and if they’d rather be Don Draper or Daario Naharis while plowing their wives. We normally wouldn’t give this survey — which polled 700 New Yorkers, most of whom were men and nearly half under the age of 24 — the time of day, but it featured a pretty shocking upset:

Who’s hotter: Derek Jeter or Matt Harvey?

Derek Jeter: 62%

Matt Harvey: 38%

Damn! It wasn’t even close! People really prefer the aging, creaky DJ to the young, virile and sometimes-naked Harvey? It’s likely that many New Yorkers still don’t know who Matt Harvey is, even though he’ll soon become the next big-time New York athlete to scoop up all the women in the metropolitan area.

That sheared old-man-baby face still does it for you, huh? Yes, this is probably all about name-recognition. How quickly we forgot about the flexible, supple back muscles of Matt Harvey: