Sports Anchor Loses Mind On Air, Channels Inner Teenage Girl (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

What is an anchor to do when he’s faced with a slightly drab Mariners-Yankees highlight? Spice it up by channeling a Twitter-crazy female fan, of course!

When Ichiro accidentally knocks into a young lady spectator, Jay Onrait of Fox Sports TSN decides it’s time for a little bit o’ the improv. Dubbing over the girl’s ecstatic reaction to being touched by Ichiro, he unleashes his inner Mystery Science Theater 3000.

According to Reddit, this is not the first time Onrait has done something like this. He and his running buddy, Dan O’Toole, bring the funny on a fairly consistent basis. From Reddit user JonEQuest:

When those two are together, magic happens. Last week for no reason They showed a picture of Rick Ross Without a shirt on for no reason. Shit like that makes my day worth getting up for.

Shirtless Rick Ross on a sports highlight show? Congratulations Jay Onrait, you are my new favorite sportscaster.