Sports Yamulkes Now For Sale, Apparently

  • Joe Levine

Don’t worry, Jewish sports fans. There is now a cross-section of sports merchandising that satisfies your religious obligations.

Located in Dalas, Texas, the Emblem Source is your source for your extremely-niche sports yarmulke needs. And before you ask why such a company even exists, apparently the company was born after founder Brian Rutt saw many fellow Jews walking around with homemade sports yarmulkes that weren’t quite up to par.

From Darren Rovell of ESPN:

The Emblem Source now makes the official yarmulkes of Major League Baseball and the NBA, and although there isn’t a player on the field or on the court who wears the Pro Kippah, the business has taken off.

Rutt’s company obviously makes more and sells more yarmulkes in highly Jewish-populated areas. People in Brooklyn can’t get enough of the black Brooklyn Nets one or a retro Dodgers one he recently made. He made an Expos ones for Jewish fans of the former Montreal team, and Miami Heat fans will have a “whiteout” version for the playoffs.

Far be it for me to provide business advice, but it seems like they’re missing a real opportunity by not making New York Knicks yarmulkes and sending a few to recently-chosen person Amare Stoudemire in the hopes that he might provide some free publicity for the company.

So how much do the official yarmulkes of the NBA and MLB cost?

The yarmulkes cost $19 to $23 each, depending on the style.

Oh. Maybe I’ll just stick with my normal cap and not be a disgrace to my team and my people.

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