SportsGrid Podcast Episode 3: Controversies On Controversies On Controversies

  • Zach Berger

Welcome to the new SportsGrid Podcast. Each episode will center around a theme from this week in sports. The episode will primarily be about this theme, besides the occasional off-topic discussion and hypothetical.

This week’s theme: Sports Controversies. Alex Rodriguez is a cheating scumbag, Marcus Jordan tweeted a picture of his penis, and Johnny Manziel continued to be Johnny Manziel. Your Podcasters this week are newcomers Matt Rudnitsky and Jake O’Donnell, and as always, our managing editor and your favorite sports podcast host: Eric Goldschein.

Here’s Episode 3:
(NSFW: Language and mature/immature content)

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Stories from the podcast:

Marcus Jordan’s dick pic

Johnny Manziel’s media crucifixion

A-Rod is pretty much screwed