Not Everyone Is Enjoying Stephen Colbert’s Takeover of @MLB

  • Timothy Burke

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert took over control of MLB’s Twitter feed last evening, and despite the trick leading to at least 300,000 new followers of @MLB, some people aren’t finding it so funny.

What follows is a sampling of complaints about Colbert’s takeover. Fire away, vocal minority:

@brentfolan: @MLB #Colbert how about you still upload all of the videos. #badjokes #canwegettherealmlbback

@shk66: Colbert taking over the @MLB account has been pointless and not entertaining.

@smit4118: I want my MLB back. @stephenathome needs to stick to politics and stay off @MLB #colbert

@gojetsgo1984: @MLB ur lucky i like baseball so much…im so close to unfollowing due to this #colbert stunt. #notfunny

@nictothek: @MLB booooooo #colbertsux

@CarlosGraves: @MLB excuse me, Mr. #Colbert, please gtfo.

@jdecotis10688: I really couldn’t care less that Stephen Colbert has taken over @MLB

@Waluigi_rulez: @MLB go away colbert. YOUR NOT FUNNY

@MissRachel6: Very bad idea RT @MLBFanCave If something seems funny with @MLB today, it’s because @StephenAtHome – Stephen Colbert – is running it.

@TwittinSports: Stephen Colbert has assumed control over @MLB for the next 24 hours. I’ll make sure to follow them again tomorrow.

@19Vic89: WTF!? Looks like I won’t be finding anything about MLB via twitter today. #Colbert

@Mike_Peters: Why must Stephen Colbert invade my twitter feed even when I don’t follow him… damn you @MLB

@makegood: I may be the only person alive who preferred the old @MLB. But kudos to the marketing hack who thought of this stunt. #colbert

Clearly not, @makegood… clearly not.