Stephen Colbert Is In Control Of Major League Baseball’s Twitter Today, And It’s Fantastic

  • Glenn Davis

Perhaps you’ve heard of Major League Baseball’s Beat The Streak contest, in which fans pick one player they think will get a hit each day, in hopes of putting together a streak that beats Joe DiMaggio’s all-time hit streak record of 56 consecutive games. The reward: $5,600,000. Pretty good. But in addition to the main Beat The Streak competition, MLB introduced a side game of its own, featuring none other than Stephen Colbert: if Colbert could put together a longer streak than MLB itself, he’d win control of Major League Baseball’s Twitter feed for a day.

Well, Colbert won, with a whopping streak of two. His day controlling MLB’s Twitter is today. Here’s the link, if you haven’t checked it out already…which you should, because come on: it’s Stephen Colbert (or his writing staff, anyway) controlling MLB’s Twitter feed. This couldn’t be anything but awesome, and with lines like, “Am I the only person who thought @MLB was the twitter handle of Matt LeBlanc?” it’s proving to be just that. Brilliant stunt by all involved – this is the most interested we’ve been in any Twitter feed in a while.

Below is last night’s Sport Report segment on The Colbert Report, during which Colbert announces his victory over MLB (and also makes fun of Craig Counsell and Adam Dunn for their awful, extended slumps). Beat The Streak talk starts at 3:10, though it’s worth watching all of it:

And if the Colbert team’s Twitter jokes make you laugh half as long and half as hard as Colbert cracked up on his own show during an extended character-break last night, they’ll have done well (he breaks at 3:08):