“Dogs Running Wild At Citi Field” Is A Less Adorable Scenario Than It Sounds

  • Glenn Davis

Trust us: we’re just like you. When we heard from the New York Post the area surrounding Citi Field was being overrun with dogs, of course we pictured this. Or maybe this. It made us want to go to Citi Field ourselves to experience this puppy kingdom for ourselves. Alas, this was only what we imagined, and the actual situation is more like this:

A pack of junkyard dogs is roaming the sidewalks surrounding Citi Field, menacing visitors as they exit the ballpark.


The stray dogs have been wandering across 126th Street from Willets Point’s no-man’s land of auto-body shops, and onto the stadium grounds for years, stadium security guards told The Post.

Oh. Junkyard dogs. Considerably less cute. This is more what the “dogs roaming Citi Field” situation actually looks like, as captured by photographer Ellis Kaplan. Still, while there are some gawkers there, it doesn’t look like anyone’s in any real danger. According to one fan, Elaine Feerick, her experience was a little more…well, terrifying:

“They came at me like a locomotive…my friend, who’s terrified of dogs, ran for her life faster than I’ve ever seen her run before. I stood there and the pit bull rammed into me like a battering ram — amazingly, I did not go down.”

Okay, yeah, that doesn’t sound too pleasant. The Mets say they’re doing everything they can to address the issue, but according to once security guard, maybe it’s not even much of an issue at all:

“I see them running around. I don’t think they bother anybody. They just seem to be peaceful, just living their own life.”

I KNEW IT THEY ARE ADORABLE PEACEFUL LOVING CREATURES CITI FIELD IS DOGGY PARADISE NO ONE DO ANYTHING I MUST SEE IT. Actually, we’ve only been to Citi Field once ourselves, but we did have a dog-related experience outside the stadium: specifically, there was a dog sitting on a bench dressed like a person. This one, we believe. And needless to say, that was awesome (unless she’s being mistreated, but thankfully it appears not). However, if people are actually getting charged by much larger dogs, yes, we do see the need to do something about that. But more importantly, you’re wondering: was this situation too frightening for Feerick that there was no possible way she could wring a Mets joke out of it?

It’s too bad the nine on the field don’t play nearly as aggressively as the canines outside, the beleaguered Met fan said.


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