"Stroking Out": Mets' Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez Have Memorable Broadcast Exchange

The New York Mets won their third straight game Monday, an 11-5 road victory over the San Diego Padres. But it was a hilarious exchange between New York’s announcers Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez that’s garnered all the attention.

Following a Jeff McNeil single in the sixth inning, Hernandez proceeded to describe the play as follows: “So here we are again, the Mets stroking out eight hits.”

Unable to contain his laughter, Cohen couldn’t help but chime in on the peculiar choice of words. Here’s some of the pair’s banter, which will surely go down as an all-time classic:

HERNANDEZ: “So here we are again, the Mets stroking out eight hits.”

COHEN: “Did you say stroking out?”

HERNANDEZ: “Yes. It’s a baseball stroke.”

COHEN: “I think you need to watch your language there. Because, you know, we’re getting older. And stroking out is something we don’t want to be doing.”

HERNANDEZ: “What are you saying, I’m a creepy old man?”

COHEN: “No, I think you’re missing the point here. From a medical standpoint, do you know what stroking out means? You don’t want to say bleeding out, and you don’t want to say stroking out.”

The duo could barely keep it together as the inning continued, providing a memorable moment in a Mets season that is looking very promising.