Survival Of The Fittest: Darwin Barney Awkwardly Pursues A Foul Ball All The Way Into A Bullpen Bench

  • Jake O'Donnell

Some pop-ups aren’t meant to be caught. Apparently, Gold Glove Second basemen Darwin Barney apparently doesn’t think so, as he clearly throws caution to the wind and barrels into a public park-style bench in the Cubs bullpen. Given the way he closed his eyes just before the moment of impact, he’s lucky he didn’t dislocate/break/lose/burn something.

Gotta keep your eye on the ball. Just as important to keep your eye on the metal furniture positioned around the field.

Oh, and guess what else? The Cubs lost 6-5. I know, shocker. A little statistical insight as to why Darwin may have jumped into the danger zone for a foul pop: he went 0-5, adding to his .179 season average. With number like that, he’s probably expected to carry luggage as well. Ouch.