This Is Chipper Jones’ Playboy Girlfriend

  • Dan Fogarty

Ah, retirement. More time to just kick back and let loose in an ill-fitting suit with your Playboy model girlfriend.

Busted Coverage posted this photo of Chipper Jones with Playboy model Taylor Higgins, stage name: Lexi Ray. BC describes her as “a ‘Coed’ who specialized in naked shower videos and your run-of-the-mill naked photo shoots,” and the Atlanta Journal-Constituion says she likes to hunt. Jones finalized the divorce with his second wife November 16th (he tweeted about it, just so everyone in Atlanta could be certain), and, again, is now dating a Playboy model who hunts. The world makes sense.

BC has more photos of the lovely couple, as well as some selfies from Higgins’ Instagram account. Go to there.