New Indians Manager Terry Francona Got Lost Three Times On His Two Block Walk To The Stadium

  • Eric Goldschein

Terry Francona: A fan of living close to the office, but not so much of getting directions, or maps, or street signs, or perhaps looking around for that huge building that looks like a baseball stadium.

In what will be the most baffling story you read today, Terry Francona reportedly lives in downtown Cleveland of his own accord. No one is making him do it or anything. No, we kid the great city of Cleveland. He’s living downtown to be close to the stadium — just a two block walk away, in fact. That should make getting to work a breeze, right?


From ESPN:

“I got lost three times,” he said. “Even when I got to the garage two people who work here said, ‘Hey, do you know where you’re going?’ I was like, ‘Nope.'”

Fortunately for Francona, an Indians employee picked him up in a golf cart and got him to the stadium.

That’s right: He got lost three times [note: he is self-reporting this and may be exaggerating for effect — the effect of looking like he has no idea how to get around on his own???] while trying to walk two blocks from his house to a Major League Baseball stadium. That means he walked in the wrong direction, then — instead of of turning around and walking back the other way — walked in the wrong direction again, and then again. He was saved by a man in a golf cart, which means he couldn’t have ended up that far from his final destination. Is Progressive Field super tiny or something? Shouldn’t it be easy to spot?

In any case, after walking in circles and needing assistance to find his way to the team’s home opener, Francona led his club to a loss against the visiting Yankees. Not a banner day for the guy.


Charles Krupa, Associated Press photo via