The 19 Best MLB Uniform & Logo Changes To Look Forward To This Season

  • Jake O'Donnell

The Cubs have truly outdone themselves. No, not it terms of fielding a good team of luring free agents or even cultivating young talent, but in terms of honoring their 100 year legacy of sucking at Wrigley Field. Hey, I’m a Knicks fan — you don’t have to tell me twice about what it’s like to watch a franchise routinely reminisce about the time before color television.

For the most part, the big changes come on the alternate uniforms, with a few subtle lettering alterations on two primary kits. Also, two of the oldest franchises in baseball will change their official logos this season, opting out of the cartoon face for a less controversial single letter. Honestly, we like where all this is headed. The less baseball jerseys make people look like this…

…the better off we all are. Here are the 19 best uniform and logo changes you’ll see for the 2014 MLB season, which kicks off in two weeks.


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