The 2014 Baseball Season WAG Preview: Meet C.J. Wilson’s Wife, Lisalla Montenegro

  • Eric Goldschein

lisalla montenegroBaseball season has technically begun, but we don’t consider Australian baseball to be a thing, you know? So with the REAL start of the MLB season fast approaching, we wanted to give you a preview of what to look out for this year.

And hey, baseball’s cool and all, but it doesn’t get exciting until July at the earliest. So what are we supposed to do for the first three months of the season — watch Masahiro Tanaka adjust to American hitters? Debate how much money Mike Trout will earn next year? Hell no. We’re gonna ogle at women. Namely, the wives and girlfriends of our favorite players (or, our favorite wives and girlfriends of players).

We decided to make a series out of this, because as much as you’re going to complain about wanting to read real news and we complain about having to create “clickbait” articles, you (and I’m speaking generally, of course) eat these articles up and we enjoy making them. Plus, we included creepy comments left by weird people on Instagram so you feel less like a scumbag for browsing these.

First up: Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson married Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro in December. Lisalla is 25 years old. Good call, C.J.



All photos via Instagram