'Andre Ethier BBQ Apron Day' Will Save Your Summer … But Who Will Save The Dodgers?

  • Rick Chandler

May 26 is Andre Ethier Barbeque Apron Day at Dodger Stadium, where you can pick up one of these and forever after “grill like a pro”, according to Vin Scully. It’s all thanks to longtime Dodgers sponsor Farmer John’s (a company which should close up and go out of business as soon as Vin Scully retires, by the way. Hearing someone else say that name just won’t be the same).

Summer BBQ season is almost here, so you need one of these. And along with your Andre Ethier apron you will also need:

Plenty of cash as fuel to start the fire. The Dodgers had an Opening Day payroll of $235 million this season (up from $220.4 million last season), for the first time beating the Yankees ($204 million) in that dept. So far that’s earned them a 21-19 record in the NL West, 4 1/2 games back of the first-place Giants, who just won three-out-of-four in their latest series in LA.

Lots of hot dogs. If there are two bigger unprofessional showboats in all of baseball than Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig, I’d be interested in their identities. Ramirez has had that reputation since his Marlins days, and Puig is blossoming into one of the most bush-league performers in the sport. (Dodges flipped bat).

Someone to fan the flames. Tommy Lasorda recently said of V. Stiviano and the Donald Sterling mess, “I wish she’d get hit by a car.” And two days later, that kind of happened.

Interesting guests. Dodger Elvis has dibs on the last of that potato salad.

Kids. (Yikes!).

You want fries with that?: