The Awesome List Of The Most Profitable MLB Franchises, Ranked

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’re a casual baseball fan, you might have caught wind of the Los Angeles Dodgers return to prominence, prompted by the much publicized regime change that brought Magic Johnson’s hip new ownership group into the front office. He’s currently being hailed as a savior, seeing as this year’s squad is definitively the best team (on paper) in the majors — a claim the Dodgers haven’t had since the late 80s.

Now we know why.

He’s emptying the company coffers to afford a team of superstars, and the franchise’s league worst operating income is a stark reflection of just how far in the Dodgers are going this season: $80 million passed profitability.

Ya, that’s a lot of chips to throw on the table.

Strangely enough, the current most profitable MLB franchise had tremendous success very recently, seemingly without getting in the red. Go figure. We guess Magic Johnson didn’t get the message that you can win and still be profitable by cultivating inexpensive talent from your farm system.

Instead, he’s opted to just sell the farm, outright. Great from a fans perspective (see Astros, Houston), bad from the business side (though an impending lucrative TV deal should help pay the bills). All we’re saying is that if they actually end up winning it all this year — they better sell a lot of those “World Series Champs” shirts (come on Dodgers fans, cough up the dough for some Kershaw jerseys).

The most profitable teams in baseball as of today, ranked, below.


Data via Forbes, Photo via Getty