The Best Fantasy Baseball App You Don’t Know About

  • David Gonos

Fantasy Baseball App - Fantasy Baseball Secret

Psssst … Hey … Hey, you … Don’t turn around, be cool.

We have a great Fantasy Baseball app for you, but we don’t want you to start screaming and going nuts and causing a big scene.

There’s a Fantasy Sports TV channel that will help you win championships in everything Fantasy! From Fantasy Baseball to Fantasy Football to to Fantasy Basketball to Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Golf, Daily Fantasy, and even European soccer!

This awesome Fantasy Baseball app is called FNTSY, which are the call letters for the Fantasy Sports Network. [Full disclosure: They’re our website partners! But that doesn’t make this app any less amazing!]

FNTSY - Fantasy Baseball App

They have several great shows, from Garion Thorne’s “The Rotation,” to “The Pat Mayo Hour,” “RotoExperts In the Morning,” “The Fantasy BFFs,” ‘Game Time Decisions” with Gabe Morency, and the new “Foul Territory” panel show hosted by Chris Manzo.

How Do I Get This Fantasy Baseball App?

You can just go to their website to watch some select videos or to their YouTube channel to watch all their videos. But personally, I’m a bigger fan of watching their shows through their app on Roku. (If you’re unfamiliar with Roku, it’s an over-the-top streaming box that connects to your TV, allowing you to watch Netflix, Hulu and about a billion other streaming services.)

Did you know there were an estimated 57.4 million people playing Fantasy Sports in the United States and Canada in 2016? Did you know there were about 26.7 million U.S. households that didn’t subscribe to Cable TV in 2016? That’s a lot of “cord-cutters” and that number is rising!

So my suggestion is – buy a Roku, then download the FNTSY app, and get an annual subscription for $29.95. Honestly, it’s the best $30 you’ll ever spend in Fantasy Sports. The help these guys give you will also help your return on investment for all of the leagues that you pay for! The average Fantasy player spends $184 on leagues, so improve your ROI for an extra $30!

The Roku, by the way, will change your life. A lot of people get the Amazon Fire TV or a Google Chromecast, but I’ve used them all (I used to write for a digital services site), and Roku is by far the best. I also suggest getting a Roku box and not just the Roku Streaming Stick. The box is faster and more powerful, and I’ve had one stick just die on me before.

Roku is the best over-the-top streaming device because – that’s all they do. Amazon and Google do the things they do, but Roku dominates in streaming. (Don’t buy a Smart TV either. They’re clunky. I have two Smart TVs – and I still prefer to use my Roku boxes on those TVs.)

Did you know that in New York City, they already have access to FNTSY on RCN Cable TV systems? It’s a big deal!

Please sign up and let me know what you think! Tweet me @davidgonos and let me know how this new Fantasy Sports secret rocked your Fantasy world!

Photo Credit: Boston Globe, Getty Images

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