The Best MLB Ballparks, Ranked, According To Yelp

  • Rick Chandler

Prior to 2000, when they moved out of Candlestick Park, the San Francisco Giants would have ranked near the bottom of such a list. But then again, they would have no World Series trophies … and Yelp hadn’t been invented, so the point is moot and let’s start over.

AT&T Park, my home field and site of numerous Jerry Garcia bobblehead events, was ranked in second place in the compilation of Yelp reviews by The Roosevelts. Of course if the reviews had been done by seagulls, AT&T would have been No. 1 by a wide margin.

Writers on that site have been to every MLB park themselves, and did their own top five … which varies slightly from the Yelp list, but has the same top two.

My top five list is also different, although confined to stadiums I’ve actually visited:

1. AT&T Park, 2. Safeco Field, 3. Petco Park, 4. Dodger Stadium. 5. Yankee Stadium.

See the slideshow below to find out which park is No. 1 according to Yelp reviews, and for the rest of the top 10 (plus a list of the rest). Ironically, the worst park in baseball, according to The Roosevelts, is right across the bay from AT&T … the Coliseum. I’ve long wondered why some mover and/or shaker can’t get a piece of land down by Jack London Square and build a nice little waterfront ballpark, similar to AT&T. It would keep the A’s in town for a hundred years.

Anyway, slideshow: