The Braves Bullpen Was Hilariously Unkind To This Grounder-Booting Ball Boy

  • Eric Goldschein

We all make mistakes at work — and when we do, we hope that nobody saw us. This young Tampa Bay Rays ball boy was not so lucky, and after letting a foul ball grounder slip right through his legs, the Braves bullpen let him have it, complete with sunflower seeds to the face.

And it wasn’t just the bullpen. Everyone on the sideline, from adults to children, let this kid hear it. Is waving your fingers in the air the universal sign for “You booted a grounder” or something?

I don’t know why, but the announcer saying “SEEDS” turns this from quasi-sad (“Aw, look at how embarrassed he is…”) to damn funny (“Yup… those are seeds.”) in a hot second.

h/t Bob’s Blitz