Twitter Police? Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening ‘Friday The 13th’-Style Violence Against Mets’ Players

  • Rick Chandler

On Tuesday we wrote about the guy who made threats on twitter toward Giants’ running back Brandon Jacobs, and then spent most of the day trying to backtrack and apologize for his online doofusness. Today we have a new Twitter faux tough guy and a new New York target, and it appears that he’s been at it much longer.

Also, he’s been arrested.

Yep, Aryn Leroux, 42, from Connecticut, was arrested today in West Haven on misdemeanor threatening and breach of peace charges. Leroux, under the Twitter handle @danXtanna42, allegedly made threats to blow up Citi Field, home of the Mets. Also:

The source said the Mets alerted MLB security around Sept. 13, after Leroux suggested on twitter Mets fans should act like slasher Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies, mentioning the Mets’ manager, owner and GM.

Another source said Leroux threatened Mets’ reliever LaTroy Hawkins, along with Mets’ utility infielder Justin Turner and his girlfriend.

The Mets officially have no comment.

If it was a joke, Hawkins was not amused.

“It’s good,” Hawkins said of the arrest. “You can’t go around making threats on Twitter and hide. I understand fans being upset but you cannot threaten people’s lives.

“He threatened to blow us up, he had a whole elaborate scheme,” Hawkins said.

Leroux is being held on a $2,500 bond and faces arraignment at Milford Superior Court today. So, have we entered a bold new age where people are being held responsible for their social media nonsense? Not only are bullies being outed and shamed, but douchebags who make threats — no matter how unbelievable — are now being rooted out and made to understand that people don’t find this amusing in the post-Boston Marathon bombing world.

Photo: Getty Images.