The Daily Yam: Jason Giambi Is Still Alive, And He’s Hitting Walk-Off Homers

  • Eric Goldschein

jason giambi walkoffWelcome to The Daily Yam, bringing you Yesterday’s Awesome Moment and what to look forward to today. Yesterday, you might have thought Jason Giambi was a story campers told around the fire to scare each other, but it turns out he’s still technically in the major leagues, and last night he walked the Indians off, becoming the oldest player ever to do so.

Your Daily Yam.

Giambi is 42 years old, and at this point in his career is more “coach” than “player.” But the difference between Giambi and a regular coach is that Giambi can pinch hit and, apparently, still blast homers. In the bottom of the 9th. To win the game.

Mmm mmm mmmmm. A little salt and pepper never hurt nobody. Also, Hawk Harrelson again with the amazing non-description of the events that transpired.

What’s On Tap Today?

There are 17 MLB games today, which is crazy. The Cardinals and Pirates have a doubleheader (4:05, 7:05 ET) and the Brewers visit the Cubs for what will undoubtedly be a thriller at 8:05 ET.

It’s Tuesday. Tacos?