The Joe Buck Hate Reached A Fever Pitch During Today’s Yankees/Red Sox Game (UPDATE)

  • Dan Fogarty

UPDATE: SI’s Richard Deitsch tweeted the following earlier:

Talked to Fox Sports: Joe Buck has a virus. Battling through it. That’s why his voice sounds a little off today.

So…that should help explain things. As you were.

The original post is below.

Joe Buck’s broadcasting style is one of stoicism. Although he’s one of the most decorated and frequently-employed announcers in sports media, he sometimes is criticized for this stoicism by fans and writers alike.

Today was one of those times.

Boy, was it ever.

Buck sounded bored at times during today’s broadcast of the Red Sox vs. the Yankees, most notably when he was plugging MLB’s “Fan Cave” marketing campaign (understandable) or a Curtis Granderson home run (not as understandable).

It should be pointed out that he was in the midst of a battle with laryngitis. Still, this was not a sufficient excuse for the hordes of fans who took shots on Twitter. Here was my favorite:

And in case you wanted video evidence of Buck’s blasé demeanor today, here. Warning: for whatever reason, the video we pulled is distorted, and starts flashing wildly as Granderson rounds first. So if you’re prone to seizures, you may want to skip this one. Seriously. I blame Joe Buck for this.

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