Marlins’ 20th Anniversary Patch Just A Hodgepodge Of Ugly Things

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

The Miami Marlins have this unique penchant for taking every visual representation of themselves and turning it into some awful amalgamation of clashing neon colors and disfigured shapes. They enter their 20th season in 2013 and they still haven’t bucked the trend. In fact, they’re about to perpetuate the trend with this commemorative uni patch, which, you can see, has way too much going on.

I understand the team’s desire to re-branded itself as more Miami. What isn’t Miami about flashy, brightly colored unis and a trendy new logo? I will admit in earnest that these new logos, which I originally thought came straight out of a twisted nightmare about the 70s actually do the team and the city creative justice. Not to mention, they’re a far cry from the unis/logo of years past.

But what is up with this patch? It is a clusterfuck similar to the thing in center field at Marlins Park that Giancarlo Stanton has tried so admirably to destroy. OK, nothing is that bad (probably), but this still isn’t very easy to look at. I get what they were trying to do — the two logos, the two years, the two World Series rings (the Marlins have two World Series titles, remember?), the Miami sun, the baseball diamond — and it does all make sense. It should work. But it just doesn’t. It’s just too crowded and too loud.

The only thing about the Marlins that doesn’t seem to fit that “crowded and loud” mold is the stadium they play in. Maybe that thing in center field helps or something.