The Miami Marlins Plunge Deeper And Deeper Into Sadness

  • Ricky Boebel

Yesterday, the firing of hitting coach Tino Martinez marked a low point in a Miami Marlins season filled with disappointments. If you’re feeling depressed about your hopeless baseball team, just sit down and think about being a Marlins fan. One positive of supporting the hopeless franchise is getting great deals like these.


Printing “try and stop us” with a Marlins logo, actually devalued these t-shirts to less than the price of standard white shirt. It’s the equivalent of the championship t-shirt or hat that’s shipped to Africa because the team in question lost the championship game. Except in this case, it’s sadder, because the franchise is admitting they can’t sell merchandise with positive messages on them.

In timely fashion, one reddit user posted a picture of who fans voted the face of the franchise at the start of the season:

The sad part is the voters were dead on. The Toronto Blue Jays and the Marlins’ centerfield statue are rightfully fourth and fifth on the list, closely followed by nobody.

Well at least the owner isn’t spending as little as possible on players after using city money to build a brand new ball park. Oh wait.