The Minnesota Twins Put On The Most Successful Bobblehead Promotion We’ve Ever Seen

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

Well, this has got to be unprecedented: a completely absurd bobblehead promotion that actually worked.

Monday morning, the Minnesota Twins‘ official website began selling a limited edition collection of 25 bobblehead dolls representing every player from the 1991 World Series team.

There were 1,000 sets available at $391 apiece, and they sold out — almost immediately. The net proceeds from the $391,000 promotion will be donated to the team’s community fund.

We can’t imagine any socially competent individual wanting all 25 bobbleheads displayed on their mantlepiece — even if the dolls are representative of World Series-caliber players — but then again, who are we to be arbiters of taste?

[h/t Keith, via HardballTalk]