The Miss Iowa-Miguel Batista Story Reaches Only Logical Conclusion

  • Glenn Davis

When the Washington Nationals’ Miguel Batista accidentally offended Miss Iowa, Katherine Connors the other day, we suppose it was inevitable that Connors would eventually throw out a first pitch to Batista at Nationals Park. Still, we’re glad that tonight, Connors will do just this – this story would have felt incomplete without it.

More good news about Connors’ firs pitch is that it keeps Batista in the media spotlight that much longer – an opportunity he seems to be using exclusively to say awesome things. From the Washington Post, here’s Batista on the event:

Hopefully by the end of the day, when she goes back to Iowa, she says something good about us. Hopefully she says, ‘Oh, he was a cool guy. He looked like a low-budget Vin Diesel, but he’s nice.’

And more goodness:

Told that Miss Iowa has been practicing her pitch, Batista replied: “Really? Well, if she thinks I’m going to be practicing the swimsuit and the high heels, not a chance.”

It was easy to wonder what Batista made of the fallout from one hilarious comment he made after throwing five scoreless innings Tuesday in place of Strasburg. He sort of shrugged.

“That’s why they pay you guys the big bucks,” he said.

We feel like reporter Adam Kilgore would probably trade his “big bucks” for Batista’s $1 million salary (to say nothing of the $9.5 million he made last year), but that’s beside the point.

The point: Miguel Batista is great. We’d say something like, “Get that man a talk show!” but any number of people probably said the same thing about John McEnroe and, um…yeah. So we’ll enjoy Batista for as long as we can, and let that be that. One line sure did wonders for both him and Connors, though, didn’t it?

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