The Philadelphia Phillies Traded A Minor League Prospect To The Los Angeles Angeles For “No Compensation”

  • Dylan Murphy

When the Miami Heat dumped Dexter Pittman on the Memphis Grizzlies, they were clearing a roster spot. Ricky Sanchez, the player they received in return, is never expected to jump from his native Puerto Rico to the NBA. Garage sale-style salary dumps are not uncommon in sports – particularly at the trade deadline, when competing teams hope to scoop up languishing stars while non-contenders hoard draft picks for their spare parts. But there’s always compensation of some kind, if only per league rules. Cash, a minor league scrub, a future draft pick, something tangible. There are rules, after all.

Just not in baseball, apparently. Minor League pitcher Mike Cisco was traded yesterday from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Los Angeles Angeles, and he was traded for no one and nothing. Zero. “No compensation,” officially.

How is this even possible, you ask? No idea. But you’d think his 1.80 E.R.A. in 75 innings pitched at the AA and AAA level would earn him at least some tangible value. The Phillies, for what it’s worth, dealt him because they have an excess of pitchers at the AA and AAA level, and the Angels are a team for which he could actually pitch. Still, this is a generous use of the word “trade.”

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