The Tigers And The White Sox Cleared The Benches, Leading To Some Torii Hunter Gibberish Post-Game

  • Ricky Boebel

During yesterday’s Tigers-White Sox game there was yet another bench clearing that led to some strongly worded arguments. In the top of the sixth inning, relief pitcher Luke Putkonen threw a pitch behind Alexi Ramirez. Ramirez began to mosey over to the mound before the Detroit catcher Brayan Pena stopped him after 15 feet. The commentators believed the pitch was retaliation for a pitch thrown up and in at Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder.

There’s always a lot of talk about the “unwritten rules of baseball” after incidents like this. Having “unwritten rules” would be fine, if baseball players actually agreed on a set of laws to govern these situations. Every team has their own set of rules.

Maybe the MLB should just decide these rules for the players. After so many batters are thrown at intentionally, the opposing team is allowed to send one guy to charge the mound. Baseball teams could have a designated fighter on the roster, much like a hockey team.

Torii Hunter had a great interview/noise-making session after the game. I would honestly prefer athletes make random noises than recite another “we’re just taking it one game at a time” cliche.