The Top Seven Items In Curt Schilling’s Nazi Memorabilia Collection

  • Rick Chandler

As we wrote on Tuesday, Curt Schilling is kind of obsessed with Nazis, although to be fair, no more so than The History Channel. His unfortunate tweet comparing Hitler’s Third Reich to Muslims got Schilling suspended from ESPN — booted from analyst duties at the Little League World Series, and casting his future at the network in doubt.

We then visited his Facebook page, and found things much more disturbing than anything he posted on Twitter. There were several retweeted Nazi memes, and general Tea Party-esque asshattery. But by far the most wondrous find was Schilling’s Nazi memorabilia yard sale. He has about 200 photos on a special Facebook page devoted to all of his Nazi treasures, which he said he was trying to sell due to “space concerns.”

In my opinion all of this stuff should be burned on the same pyre as Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi — it’s kind of uncool to profit from evil, you know? But Schilling is a different cat. This stuff obviously turns him on. (He defends the collection here).

But, he needs space in his garage for all of those humanitarian awards that keep rolling in, so EVERYTHING must go! (By the way, the link to this page was removed from his Facebook home page sometime in the past 24 hours — I had a hell of a time finding it again).

Here are my favorite items.

1. German WWII Flamethrower


Yes, Schilling claims he has one, and it can now be yours. Use to get rid of mosquitoes, stubborn weeds, or as a metaphor for your broadcasting career.

2. A Tank


Or, a mini-tank, or halftrack … I don’t know. Who am I, Rommel?

3. Nazi Uniforms


There are more than a dozen, some worn by Hitler’s personal guard. Own a garment still smelling of Hermann Goering’s flop sweat.

4. Dagger


Or, letter opener. We have ways of making you talk, Con Edison.

5. Bazooka-Looking Thing


I’m not sure. But if you’re a Schilling fan I’m sure you want it.

6. Mask, Apparently Modeled By One Of His Children


Take off your Nazi mask at the dinner table, son.

7. MP40


German machine gun. Defend the Wehrmacht! (In this case your treehouse).