The Woman Who Wrote ‘Meet The Mets’ Passed Away

  • Ben Axelrod

Ruth Roberts, best known for her work as the songwriter of the New York Mets anthem, “Meet The Mets,” passed away from lung cancer in her Rye Brook, N.Y. home yesterday.

“Meet The Mets” beat out 18 other songs that were vying to be the Mets’ official song in 1961, two years before the team played their first game in 1963. Roberts also wrote and collaborated with Jimmy Dean, Buddy Holly, and The Beatles, but her most famous work stands as the upbeat and overly simple “Meet The Mets.”

The song has undergone some re-writes since then, most notably in 1984, but Roberts’ version stands as the original fight song of the Mets (and favorite humming song of George Costanza).