The Yankees Beat The Reds Thanks To The Lamest Walk-Off Single Ever

  • Eric Goldschein

reds walk offThe Yankees completed a sweep of the Reds yesterday with a 3-2 win that really shouldn’t have ended the way it did.

In the bottom of the ninth, Brian McCann was at the plate with Jacoby Ellsbury on third. Reds closer Aroldis Chapman got McCann to pop up to shallow right for the easy out. McCann trudged to first, dejected at having not delivered in the clutch. Then the next batter came up to the plate. Right?


That’s what happens when your regular third baseman plays first. Pretty embarrassing. Reds manager Bryan Price had very few words to say about it afterwards, delivered in a tone that says “I’m murderously angry right now but will try not to betray my true feelings (via the Newark Advocate):

“I do not think anybody really wants to talk about it at this exact moment. Unfortunate way to lose a game.”

“Certainly I think that it was a miscommunication in the sense that, I am sure Jay and Schumaker both thought the other was going to catch the ball…”

“They just outplayed us. Some of the things that happened in the series (were) unfortunate.”

In other words: derp.