There Was Literally Almost No One At Today’s Marlins Game

  • Glenn Davis

In order to get play as many games as possible before a hurricane potentially sets their schedule back, the Florida Marlins canceled a game against the Cincinnati Reds scheduled for tomorrow and moved it to today, meaning the teams are playing a doubleheader. Marlins games are not generally well-attended to begin with. Today’s game was scheduled on short notice. That’s a lethal combination. To wit (via reporter Tim Reynolds):

Yes, it was a weekday afternoon game on short notice. Yes, as we write this, lists the temperature in Miami at 87 degrees, and that it feels like 97. That’s not pleasant weather. Yes, SportsGrid’s resident Floridian Tim Burke points out that Sun Life Stadium offers “nowhere to hide” from “open-air direct sunlight.” Yes, Sun Life Stadium is a football stadium not very well-suited to baseball. No, the Marlins aren’t in the middle of a heated pennant race. But seriously, look at that picture again. When we said “literally almost no one,” we meant it. Some speculated today’s attendance was in the triple digits. Incredibly, based on this photo, that’s a generous estimate.