These Indians Fans In Redface Have All Of America Now Rooting For The Rays

  • Rick Chandler

Look, I’ve always lived by one simple rule: don’t paint your face. You avoid so many problems this way.

First, painting your face is stupid, no matter what the context. Also for some it’s unhealthy. But mostly, if you don’t paint your face you avoid inadvertently proving to the entire world that you’re clueless/racist/both. It’s beginning to look like Cleveland’s flirtation with the playoffs is going to end after one game — Tampa Bay is up 3-0 after six in their Wild Card Game at Progressive Field. Practically no one is sad about this, considering the scene above.

What prompted these bros to go redface at a time when Native American-themed sports mascots are such a divisive issue? Would blackface also be OK? These guys just made sure that Chief Wahoo is next on the hit list: we are THIS CLOSE to banning the nickname “Indians” from SportsGrid. Don’t test us, mister … we will do it.

Having both a long face and a racist face at the same time? Not recommended.

Also, THIS: