MLB Opening Day Roundup: You Stay Classy, Rangers Fans

  • Rick Chandler

Opening Day at Globe Life Park in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers … and about a metric ton of cans and bottles dumped right here. There has to be a better place to pile your trash than at the feet of the memorial to a deceased fan.

The statue is of Shannon Stone, who fell to his death at Rangers Ballpark in 2011 while trying to grab a home run ball for his son, Cooper, who is also depicted in the memorial. It was somewhat controversial at the time it was erected — some saying that, while tragic, the incident didn’t warrant such an elaborate memorial right outside the park.

Whatever the case, that’s no reason to cover it with garbage. When did this become a NASCAR race?


But it’s hardly the team’s fault, is it?

In other Opening Day news …

In Milwaukee you’ve got your racing sausages, in Washington D.C. you have your racing Presidents, and in Miami you have … the Tuesday special at Joe’s Stone Crab?

They call it the Great Sea Race, and apparently it’s been around for a season or two: it’s just that no one goes to Marlins games, so no one knew it existed. The top photo is from tonight’s debut race — the Marlins opened at home vs. the Rockies. The mascots run at the end of the sixth inning, and they have names, too.

Spike the Sea Dragon.
Bob the Shark.
Julio the Octopus.
Angel the Stone Crab.


Pierre the Barnacle (Republicans complained that he was a freeloader, cried socialism, and also objected to his French-sounding name).
Chuck the Sea Squid. (Arrested for DUI).
Morris The Scuba Diver With His Foot Caught Under A Rock. (Deceased).

Elsewhere …